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603 Solar was created with one purpose in mind: educating New Hampshire home and business owners on the value of solar energy, and assisting them in their solar panel installation so they can receive the best possible return on their investment.

How soon can you expect a return on your investment from an NH solar panel installation?

The average return on investment for a solar panel array installed in the state of New Hampshire is approximately 9-12 years. Once the system has broken even it will continue to produce clean, renewable energy up to 25 years under warranty and likely for much longer than that.

The Nashua Telegraph reported the average electric bill in NH in 2017 was approximately $170 monthly, or $2,040 a year. That means if the cost to install your home’s solar panels, after incentives, is $18,000 then it will take approximately 8.82 years to pay them off. Keep in mind this is based on current electric rates, which as we know, will continue to rise over the years.

Not only will a solar array reduce your monthly utility bills, according to CNBC, it can also increase the potential value of your home.

Solar Panels Increase Your Home’s Value

According to CNBC having solar panels installed on your home helps to reduce current monthly utility bills, with an additional benefit of potentially increasing your home’s value by up to 4.1%.  If your home is currently valued at $350,000 without panels that would be a potential increase in value of over $14,000, after solar panels are installed, to a total of $364,000.

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