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What our clients are saying.

North Conway, NH

All of the 603 Solar staff were outstanding! They were highly professional, smart, proactive, knowledgeable and great to work with. They quickly took care of all of the logistics related to our solar installation, and the installation team was as good as it gets. Great team, great product, great outcome!

North Hampton, NH

One of the best contractor experiences outside of my own family. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Everything was explained in advance and the process was seamless. Highest recommendation.

Canterbury, NH

603 Solar was an excellent partner to work with. They were professional, prompt, easy to work with, had great communication, and the installation and quality of equipment is top-notch. We’re very happy to have gone with 603 Solar for our roof mount system. A+!

Our Process

Step 1: Site Evaluation

In order for us to give you the best service we possibly can, and maximize your Return on Investment (or ROI), we need to take a look at the property you are interested in putting solar on. We look at the roof structure and size, roof azimuth, main electric panel and any sub panels, shading concerns, and anything else that would affect the project. Then we take a look at your yearly electric usage and tell you exactly how many modules you will need to cover it, and what the best system would be to maximize your ROI.

Step 2: System Design

After we perform the sight evaluation and figure out exact how many modules you will need our PV Solar Designer will put together a to-scale model of your home and the solar array using CAD software, so you know exactly how the array will look. If you wish to change the layout of the system, simply explain how you would like it changed, and we’ll send another model reflecting the changes! Once you are happy with the design we will finalize it so it is ready to send off to the town and utility for permits and interconnection approval.

Step 3: Permit and Interconnection Approval

Once the design has been finalized, our team will fill out and submit all of the required paperwork for permit approval by your local AHJ and interconnection approval from your Utility company. Once both are approved we are ready to schedule and install the system.

Step 4: System Installation

Once the permit and interconnection applications have been approved by the town and utility, its time to schedule your installation and install your PV Solar array! We partner with professional, licensed, and insured Master Electrician’s who have overseen hundreds of installations and coordinate with them and you to figure out the best date to install your system.

Step 5: Inspection and Commissioning

After your solar installation has been completed, it will need to be inspected by your local AHJ to ensure that the system has been installed according to current building and electric codes. We will coordinate with you and the AHJ to find a time that works for all parties. Once the system has been inspected we will file the necessary paperwork with your utility company so they can come and switch your meter with a bi-directional meter that allows you to transfer energy to and from the grid. After the utility comes to swap out your meter, we will come and power the system on!

Step 6: System Monitoring

Once the system has been powered on and is operational we will set you up with the systems online monitoring program so you know exactly what your system is producing on any given, day month or year. With monitoring set up we can always see what your system is doing, and if an issue ever arises, we will know.

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