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Who we are

Introducing 603 Solar

603 Solar is a Solar Installation company based in Exeter, NH. Since 2018 we have helped nearly 1,000 home and business owners make the switch to a more economic and sustainable energy source. We pride ourselves on our educational approach to solar and dedication to customer service. We offer turnkey Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Systems – taking the project from concept to commissioning and post install support afterwards.

Solar is different for everyone, and we take special care to evaluate each site to determine how solar can work. Since there are many considerations that vary from site to site, each system is custom designed for the owner’s needs. We work together to design an ideal system for each property that is not only efficient but offers the best return on investment and highest electricity offset possible – while answering any questions along the way.

We’re excited to show you how solar can not only be a smart investment, but also a powerful catalyst for change.

Why Invest in Solar?


By creating your own, clean solar energy you can reduce or completely eliminate your electric gill. We typically see an average of a 7-9 year return on investment. With 25 year manufacturer warranties on all of the major components of the system, you can be assured that your system will continue to produce clean power for you for years to come.


New England has some of the highest electricity costs in the continental US. The cost of electricity is constantly rising and will never stop. When you create your own energy, you are no longer subjective to your utility companies fluctuating rates. Solar payments are fixed, and easier to budget.


In a world with increasingly finite natural resources, it’s up to all of us to do our part. Purchasing a solar array is not only a great investment, it also lowers your carbon footprint. To date our systems have produced more than 20,000,000 kWh of clean energy! That is the equivalent to the carbon emission from 1,500,000 gallons of gasoline, 16,000,000 lbs of coal or 32,000 barrels of oil.

Who’s Talking About 603 Solar?

Our Process

Step 1: Free Site Evaluation

To ensure top-notch service and maximize your ROI, we evaluate your property, considering roof structure, size, roof azimuth, main electric panel, sub panels, shading concerns, and other project-affecting factors. Subsequently, we analyze your yearly electric usage and determine the precise number of modules required for coverage, along with the optimal system to maximize your ROI.

Step 2: System Design

Following the evaluation, our PV Solar Designer utilizes CAD software to create a to-scale model of your home and solar array. This provides a clear visualization of the array’s appearance. We accommodate layout modifications and furnish a revised model if you desire layout modifications. Once the design meets your satisfaction, we finalize and prepare it for submission to obtain permits and approval from relevant authorities.

Step 3: Permit and Interconnection Approval

Once the design has been finalized, our team will fill out and submit all of the required paperwork for permit approval by your local AHJ and interconnection approval from your Utility company. Once both are approved we are ready to schedule and install the system.

Step 4: System Installation

Once the permit and interconnection applications have been approved by the town and utility, its time to schedule your installation and install your PV Solar array! We partner with professional, licensed, and insured Master Electrician’s who have overseen hundreds of installations and coordinate with them and you to figure out the best date to install your system.

Step 5: Inspection and Commissioning

Following installation, we coordinate an inspection with your local AHJ to ensure compliance with building and electric codes. Post-inspection, we handle the paperwork required for your utility company to replace your meter with a bi-directional one, enabling energy transfer to and from the grid. Once the new meter is installed, we power on your system, completing the process.

Step 6: System Monitoring

Once the system has been powered on and is operational we will set you up with the systems online monitoring program so you know exactly what your system is producing on any given, day month or year. With monitoring set up we can always see what your system is doing, and if an issue ever arises, we will know.

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